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What we are about

Keepgo develops global connectivity solutions for IoT (Internet of Things) and broadband devices.

Keepgo solutions utilize physical SIM cards as well as several virtual SIM card specifications such as GSMA eSIM, multi IMSI SIM, EzFi vSIM, Open Source Blockchain-based spec and others.

Developers of IoT, M2M and broadband applications can use the Keepgo connectivity API and management console across different carriers and different connectivity technologies enabling super-fast time to market.

Keepgo is an official partner of AT&T, Telefonica and Vodafone. Keepgo has connected hundreds of thousands of devices to 500 cellular networks in 100+ countries. Keepgo products are used in travel, home broadband, smartwatch, GPS tracker, smart bag, smart wearables, automotive and other markets.

Team on the top

Our Values

We have five. They guide the way we make a difference for our customers, our colleagues and our community.

Never give up

At Keepgo we take pride in our persistent attitude towards overcoming any obstacle and finding the right solution to any challenge at hand. We don’t get discouraged by the challenges and unanticipated developments we face. Instead, we use our creativity, intellect, and inner strength to push forward to success.

Be focused

Achieving goals in business and life is never easy. As a young and emerging company, we aim to give our full attention to only a few very important daily goals each day. Everyone at Keepgo is encouraged to work at “flow state,” which is a state of mind when we are totally immersed in the task at hand.

Integrity matters

The Keepgo family comprises of honest people and we wish to associate with colleagues, clients and partners who can be trusted. At Keepgo, Integrity Matters!

Get things done

People at Keepgo are measured by results they produce and the value they create through applying their ideas and skills. We appreciate and value hard work and promote productivity and effectiveness.

Make customers happy

Finally, Keepgo makes products that people love. We are customer-oriented and bringing happiness to people around the world is important to us.

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