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People are talking

Werner Vogels

To Google guys talking to @KeepGo: I am a happy customer. Works worldwide, saves $$$ on roaming. Not using hotel wifi means pays for itself

Vincent Everts

Hoera! Connected. A mifi en iphone Sim card from @attore @keepgo super duper great service!!!!! Thanks.

Werner Vogels

I have had consistently good connectivity on this multi-country Asia trip thanks to @keepgo. Global unlimited data at a flat rate. Thanks!!

Dr. Alexandre Feldman

If you have an iPhone and travel the world, you NEED to know @KeepGo - it's EXCELLENT!!!!

Adam Mason

Probably the best international option for iPhone users I've ever seen. www.KeepGo.com

Rob Parker

Can't say enough good things about KeepGo.com service. SIM cards for world travel. Unlimited data for pretty cheap. I'm happy.

Coen Swijnenber

Had naar LA mifi bij me van #KeepGo. Overal internet, werkte top! En dit is geen gesponsorde tweet, maar gewoon enthousiasme :)

Matt Ridings

If you have an iPhone and travel internationally, @KeepGo was a flawless experience. Highly recommend.

Tyler and Chelsea Brown

Know that we could not have done everything we did without your reliable service. Truly is incredible looking back at all we were able to accomplish using the phone on our travels. 46 countries and 0 problems.


I am in Poland and in the last 24 hours used IPhone trip In the US! YUL, AMS and now WAW. No problems at all connecting in each country, been seamless. I actually have full bars in Dow town WAW.

Kevin Edwards

KeepGo provides you with a SIM card to use abroad. It works very well, and is well worth the the price

Whits End

Enjoying the best customer service experience in years.. Thank you @Attore @KeepGo.

Rachelle Lucas

Very happy to have my mobile 'internets' again here in #HongKong. Thanks to a MiFi unit provided by @KeepGo #cxploreasia #KeepinConnected


How am I staying connected this trip? Thanks to a MiFi unit provided by @KeepGo, essential travel gear #cxploreasia